Step 1) Download the RaidParty mobile app

Search on Google Play or the App store on iOS for RaidParty, or download from the links below directly:

Step 2) Login and visit the 'games' tab inside the mobile app

When you get to the games tab inside the mobile app, look for your 'player code' at the top of the screen and copy it.

You will need this unique 7 character player code to enter on the games to be entered into the reward system for each and every game you play.

Step 3) Choose a game to play

In the same games list page, choose a game you want to play. Click the 'Play Now' button and install the game on your device.

Step 4) Enter your unique player code into the game settings

Inside every game that is connected to the RaidParty reward network, will provide you an area in the settings to enter your unique 7 character player code.

Look for 'RaidParty Settings' or 'RaidParty Connection' for example, submit your code and await the confirmation that you have been successfully connected.

This is critical for your game play to be tracked properly and be in with a chance of winning the big jackpot prizes.

Step 5) Play the game!

Once you are connected, simply start playing the game and try to complete the challenges to get entered into the prize draws.

You will need to do things like complete certain levels, defeat bosses or get high on the leaderboards...